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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to hire an entertainer. Where do I begin?

You're in the right place. You'll find everything you need to make a confident, informed booking decision on this site. We provide bios, sound clips, references, and photos. In addition, we're happy to answer your questions and make recommendations.

Why use an entertainment agency?

There are many benefits to having Tapley Entertainment assist you in contracting your entertainment. These include:

We represent and have a successful history with a wide variety of entertainers and are able to recommend the right entertainer for your event and your budget.

We handle the DETAILS including, procurement and negotiation regarding talent, technical and hospitality rider assessment, payment procedures, sound and lighting production, and on site event co-ordination.

There are so many performers on your roster. How do I know which one is the best for my audience and event?

Many things help narrow down what entertainment option will be best for your particular event. This includes your audience demographics (ages, backgrounds, etc.), the date of your event, your budget, the theme of the event and how much space is available. These are just a few of the factors our agent will help you explore to make sure you choose the best entertainer for your event.

What if I'm looking for an act that isn't listed on this site?

We work with many great acts that aren't yet listed on our site. Let us know who you're looking for and we'll find them for you.

How does Corporate entertainment differ from other entertainment?

The term "corporate entertainment" suggests the types of entertainment that is suitable for corporate and association meetings, conferences, and conventions.

Can I book "national acts"?

Yes, many name entertainment acts including comedians, national music artists, and television stars are often available for corporate events. Many corporations have enjoyed bringing national acts to their corporate event creating a truly memorable experience for everyone.

Who sets up the "national act" entertainment?

Large-scale shows require special production arrangements. We can work with your in-house-production people to insure a successful event. If you don't have an in-house production department we can handle the production ourselves.

What does corporate entertainment cost?

When buying entertainment, you pay for the act's abilities, experience, production and popularity. The date of your event and the location also affects the price, as we take into consideration travel expenses. What type of show is it? Is production provided? Is it a multiple day booking? These items also affect the final price.

Does the price quoted include travel costs?

Yes, travel expenses are included in the quote.

I don't have the budget for a big name star. What other good acts are available?

There are a wide variety of entertainers who specialize in corporate entertainment. Contact us and let us know what your goals are. We can help you select the right entertainer for your budget.

Will entertainers customize their material for us?

There are a number of great performers (comedians, magicians, impersonators, etc.) that will customize their material for your event. Contact us for a recommendation.

I've found something that I like on your web site. What do I do next?

First, contact us to verify that the act that you like is available on the day and time of your event.

Then, put in a firm offer - A firm offer is a written commitment, on the part of the buyer, to book the specific entertainer for a specific date, for a specific assignment, for a specified fee. Firm offers are always made in writing and can either be mailed or faxed. Contact us when you are ready to do this.

After a "firm offer" has been accepted by the entertainer, Tapley Entertainment Inc. will issue the contracts and all the follow-up arrangements.

What is a "rider"?

A rider is an addendum to the performer's contract that specifies what extras the entertainer expects the buyer to provide to insure a good performance. The rider may include items such as specific platform dimensions and setup, a particular type of lighting and sound.

If a performer requires a "rider", we will go through it with you so that you understand it completely. We will also negotiate to reduce expenses by deleting some rider requests that may be considered frivolous

How do I preview the act before I book it?

You may feel comfortable with the video and promotional materials available or you may view a live show in advance. We will make every effort to make sure that you feel positive about your selection of talent.

Can I speak with the entertainer before they come to our event?

In most cases, you will be able to speak directly with the entertainer. However, with national acts, you are more likely to speak with the entertainer's advance person. We will always be in touch with you and the performer or the performer's advance person.

What are the payment arrangements?

Typically, a 50% retainer is required with the signed contract and the balance payment becomes due on the day of performance however, some charity fundraisers are allowed some latitude.

What is the cancellation policy?

In the event of cancellation by the purchaser, client, venue, or producer, due to inclement weather, or any other reason, the Musicians/Artists shall be paid the contracted purchase price in full. If Musicians/Artists should be unable to perform in all or in part due to illness, accidents, death etc., purchaser shall be refunded all retainer payments accordingly. These terms are often subject to change during contract negotiations.

Note: On occasion and upon approval by the purchaser, if an emergency jeopardizes a performers ability to perform, we will help to find a replacement act to perform in place of the originally contracted artist.

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